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At Fitsok we think there’s a better way to engineer a better sock. As runners ourselves, we know the importance of having multiple fresh socks ready to go, day after day. It’s part of our philosophy to keep athletes running. 

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Made with Movement in Mind.

In The USA.

3rd Generation Sock Makers.
The Fitsok Story

2 brothers both runners. Make these runderful socks in their family owned sock factory located in North Carolina. They bring 3 generations of innovation, quality and passion into every pair.

In Over 300 Stores Nationwide

Fitsok 1371 13th Street SW, Hickory NC 28601

Athletic Socks - FitSok

For Runners, by Runners

Every day is a day of pushing your mind and body to surprisingly new limits, goals, and achievements. Whether you've just started the journey or are a professional athlete, you've discovered running is in your blood, and performance is as critical as safeguarding the marvelous machine that is your body. Ask any runner, ourselves included, and we'll all agree that the choice of footwear is what makes a massive difference to endurance, joint protection, and recovery after.

What if there was something more? What if your running could become better than ever?

Welcome to FitSok, athletic socks made for runners by runners. Our unique and collective experience allows us to engineer socks with revolutionary materials and designs made to keep you and your socks going longer than ever. Whether you're a fan of low-cut, quarter, or crew, IsolWool®, Sorbtek®, or swear by Merino wool, we have the ultimate runner sock that will take your running experience to an entirely new level.

With patented technologically innovative materials and cutting-edge design, you'll be able to enjoy a runner's sock that can last up to five times longer, cushion and protect, dry fast and outlast anything you've ever worn before.

Classic And Funky

Like to keep it simple? We've got the traditional colors you prefer. Are you looking for something fun, funky, and eye-catching that matches your personality? We have that, too. Since we created our very first pack of socks in 2008, we have pledged as a team to work tirelessly into delivering the best-engineered fit and performance running socks seen on the market today. Thanks to our dedicated team, we continue to meet and exceed our commitment to quality, durability and provide one of the best athletic sock options on the market today. How dedicated are we to the products we create and the quality level we achieve? Every sock is made right here in the U.S.A and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It's time to see what a great pair of FitSoks can do for you today. Three generations of innovation and passion are behind every pair. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow our story for monthly giveaways, insider deals, upcoming products, and so much more.