How to Run 2 Miles: A Training Plan Starting From Zero

How to Run 2 Miles: A Training Plan Starting From Zero

Spring has finally sprung, and the blooming flowers are your sign to head outside and get in shape. Lifelong runners know the joy and benefits of running, but where do you start if you’ve never jogged a meter in your life?

Don’t worry if you’re brand new. Starting a training plan is easier than you think, and learning how to run 2 miles is a fantastic first goal to set. You’ll be getting outside and enjoying the fresh air on a run in no time!

You’re Doing Something GREAT For Yourself!

While hardcore runners may seem to have a militant approach to their sport, as a beginner it’s important to know that it just doesn’t have to be that serious. Running simply for the sake of it is a great habit to get into for both your mental and physical health, no marathons required!

It’s also suitable and accessible for all skill levels, so it’s no wonder many people see it as the gateway to a more active lifestyle. Here’s some of what to expect on your quest to hit the 2-mile mark:

  • Improve fitness: While running 2 miles may feel tough at first, it will become easier and easier as your cardiovascular endurance increases. Having a strong fitness base will set you up for all other types of workouts, too!
  • Lose weight: If you're trying to shift some pounds, running can help you burn calories and boost your metabolism. Regularly running 2 miles is a great way to hit your weekly activity targets and lose weight.
  • Support health: Running has excellent effects on your heart, lung, and joint health. While overtraining should be avoided, running 2 miles a day will help you get the benefits without risking injury. 
  • Boost confidence & mood: Ever heard of a runner’s high? It’s a real thing, and it’s thanks to the endorphins that are released during your workout. Seeing yourself improve over time can also make you feel capable, and radiate that positive energy into other aspects of your life. 
  • Sleep better: Regular morning running has been proven to boost sleep quality, leading to a calmer mind, more focus, and improved energy levels.
  • Live longer: Research has found that runners can expect to live 3 years longer on average, and these amazing results are seen with as little as 5-10 minutes of exercise a day. Sounds good to us!

The benefits of running are undeniable, so it’s worth adding a jog into your self-care routine. However, if you’re completely new you probably have the heart but not the know-how. To run 2 miles you’re going to need to understand how to pace yourself and what gear will help you get over the finish line.

How To Start Running From Scratch

You want running to be fun and not get burned out, so here’s our guide on how to start running with no experience:

1. Start with a run-walk combo

If running 2 miles without stopping feels unattainable, there’s no need to fret. While you’ll soon be running that far with ease, starting with small bursts of jogging is great to build your endurance. Try walking twice as long as every interval of running, such as a minute on and two minutes off. Over time, increase the ratio of running until you’re running 2 miles nonstop!

2. Don’t go too fast

A common mistake many new runners make is trying to go fast. Slowing down can be one of the most valuable ways to improve your running fitness, and it will help you from getting tired and frustrated. Aim for a pace that allows you to have conversations, and don’t compare yourself to other runners you may come across!

3. Get quality shoes and socks

While the joy of running is that you don’t need much to get started, having high quality shoes and socks is a non-negotiable. The right gear will help prevent injury, support your feet, and make your running journey much more comfortable.

Alongside a well-fitted pair of running shoes from your local running store, it’s important to choose socks that are up to the task of your daily 2 miles. High-quality athletic socks, like those from Fitsok, are a great way to set yourself up for running success.

4. Listen to your body

The most effective routines are the ones that don’t put your body under excessive stress. While some muscle soreness and feeling tired is good, you don’t want to push yourself to the point of injury. Instead, learn your body's cues and use them to prioritize stretching, recovery and strength training alongside your running. 

Get a Step Ahead With the Right Gear

Fitsok knows how hard you’re training to meet your fitness goals, and we’re dedicated to creating socks for runners that will keep you feeling healthy, comfortable, and heading down the track. 

Using high-performance technical fabrics, Fitsok socks are specially engineered to wick moisture away from the skin, prevent rubbing or blisters, and provide cushioning for every stride. We offer a wide range of performance socks for men and women, and we’ve got our PRO-Trainer collection when you’re ready to take your running game to the next level.

And guess what? They’re not just great running socks—they’re stylish too!

As you begin training your body how to run 2 miles, embrace the challenges of the open road with the advantage of a pair of high-quality performance socks from Fitsok. Check us out today, and happy running!