Kristen Plumer - Fitsok Ambassador

Kristen Plumer

Tell us your brief bio/running history.

I grew up in a family of runners, so running was never really a choice, it was a way of life. My entire life I have always run for a team, but now that I am in college I run for myself and I have fallen even more in love with it.

What running groups/communities are you involved with?

I ran on a cross country team from the time I was in fourth grade up into my senior year of high school. Now that I am in college I run purely for myself and my sanity. Running is therapy without the expense. I am a member of the Atlanta Track Club, and I run a race at least once a month of varying distances (5ks up to half marathons).

What is your favorite running experience?

I travel a lot, have been to 6 of the 7 continents thus far. It is my favorite thing to do in life-- see new places and cultures, meeting new people, trying new foods, etc. And to me, exploring a new place by running is the perfect combination. It allows you to slow down and take in things you would not normally see. My favorite running experience is always in Hawaii (what I consider to be my second home). The weather is perfect, there is always a constant breeze, and the scenery cannot be beat. It is definitely the type of place you can let your mind wander and get some good mileage in.

What events are you running/racing in 2016? What are your goals?

My goal for 2016 is to run a race every month. I am trying to increase both my speed and my endurance over the course of a year. I am also going into the Navy in the Summer of 2017 and am trying to be at the top of my game when I enter Officer Candidate School-- my goal is to get top marks in every fitness category while there, especially in the running.

What is your favorite book or author?

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Favorite Fitsok sock and why?

I love the CF2 because they are cushy but not too thick to make your feet hot while running. Also, they are so incredibly soft and comfortable.

What are your major running accomplishments?

I was a varsity Cross Country runner all four years in high school, and then decided to focus on the joy of running rather than the pace. However, I have recently started pushing myself more and am trying to increase my speed once again. I am not the quickest by any means, but I am proud of what I can do with minimal training and no team.

What was the last rule you broke?

I wanted to ride in a glass elevator in Atlanta to see the skyline of the city and accidentally crashed a wedding in the penthouse of the hotel in the process.. oops

What is your desert island shoe?

Olukai Flip-Flops

What's your coffee order? 

Large cappuccino, non fat milk, half a packet of sugar in the raw

What’s the number one race on your bucket list?

Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon.... because who doesn't like wine and running at the same time? Plus gorgeous scenery

What is your favorite distance to race?