Lauren Wolf – Fitsok Ambassador

Lauren Wolf

What is your running history?

I’m not really sure where it all started. I played club volleyball for six years and once I decided to let that go, I guess I was looking for something to keep me active that didn’t involve a coach. Something that was purely an effort of my own and that I could do whenever I wanted. No time restraints, no specific location, etc. I followed in my brother’s footsteps and began to run. I went to crew him at a few of his races and from there on, I was hooked. Running was the purest form in which I could push myself while simultaneously feeling free and happy.

What running groups/communities are you involved with?

I’m involved with Run Bozeman - the running group here in Bozeman, as part of Bozeman Running Company. You can usually find me running by myself, but I’m always at the store and I help map out the weekly routes. I moved out here this past spring and had somewhat of a rough summer, so I am finally finding a running community and I’m excited for this upcoming year. Lots of wonderful races and community involvement on the horizon.

What is your favorite running experience?

My favorite running experiences have always been while I was crewing my brother Chad and his friend Ted with the Wolf Pack - our crew for when they race ultras. The pack consists of my family and close running friends, so it's always the best time. Nothing means more to me than my family and friends being together in the same location, engaging in what we are passionate about. It's not the easiest thing to accomplish, considering we all live in different places and have such busy schedules. I would pick crewing my brother over running a race myself any day. The Rouge Orleans 126 was our first time crewing Chad and really experiencing what a long distance race consisted of.

What events are you running/racing in 2016? What are your goals?

I’m running the Antelope Canyon 50K in February. I’m eyeing the Zion 50K, and I’m going to run the Bangtail Divide 38K here in Bozeman. I’m not one to focus too much on speed or competition, it’s just not why I run. After recovering from a long standing stress fracture, I’m focusing on getting my body used to the longer days, cross training, and just simply listening to my body. I’ll be traveling to a few different races this year to film and document a project that’s in the works, so I’ll end up attending more than I actually race.

What do you talk about when you talk about running?

Trails. If it's mid-run, I'm usually talking about what I'm going to eat afterwards.

What is your favorite Fitsok sock and why?

The Isowool Trail Cuff. It’s the perfect amount of warm when I need it and the crew length is my favorite, especially during these winter days.

What are your major running accomplishments (races completed, PRs, awards won)?

I’d say my biggest accomplishment is just sticking with running over these past few years and becoming a stronger me. I don’t have times or awards to give you, just a lot of sweat, sore legs, and good times.

If you were a professional baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

I would just shuffle a playlist consisting of several 90's songs, Have Heart, and Missy Elliott.

Do you prefer burritos or burgers?


Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Ah, I have no idea. I'll have to get back to you on this one...

What’s the number one race on your bucket list?

I want to run R2R2R in the Grand Canyon. Not an official race, but definitely a route that has been lingering in the back of my head for awhile now. When I’m ready to tackle 100, I think I would choose The Bear.

What is your favorite distance to race?

I really enjoy trail half marathons and 50K. Find more Lauren on Instagram at @laurenalysa, and on her website