What Are the Best Cushion Socks for Running?

What Are the Best Cushion Socks for Running?

If you’re a runner, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to get an edge, push yourself to the limit and improve your performance. You’re also probably familiar with the side effects of hardcore training, such as blisters, shin splints, and general aches and soreness.

For runners, every bit of gear can help to maximize your speed, endurance, and comfort. The right shoes, socks, and running gear can help you get ahead without risking injury and keep you striding mile after mile. Cushion socks for running are one of the easiest ways to boost your foot support, regulate temperature, and prevent running as you head out on training runs or race day.

Read on to learn more about why cushion socks are important for runners, and how to choose the best cushion socks for you!

The Toll of Running

There’s no doubt that running is good for your health. It can improve your cardiovascular fitness, help manage body weight, and boost your heart and lung health. However, running can also take a toll on your joints and muscles, especially over the long term.

Common running injuries include runners knee, shin splints, achilles issues, or even stress fractures. While running shouldn’t be avoided in fear of these injuries, it’s important to take preventative measures and not overdo it.

Here are some ways to run safely and prevent injuries:

Watch your form

While it feels good to run freely, proper form will help align your bones, joints, and muscles to prevent injury. It will likely help your performance and prevent fatigue, too! Hold your head high and your arms bent at 90 degrees at your side, and aim to strike on your midfoot with each stride. Try to stay light on your feet, and when in doubt, a shorter stride can help prevent putting too much stress on your body.

Run on a softer surface

While there’s a freedom that comes with road running for miles, running on a hard surface repetitively can put excess strain on your body. Instead, consider switching to a treadmill or dirt trail for some of your runs, as these surfaces are able to absorb that extra force.

Warm up & cool down

Taking the time to warm up, cool down, and stretch around your runs is important to prevent injury, reduce discomfort, and maintain mobility. Dynamic warmups like lunges, jumps, and even walking can help prime your body for activity and set you up for success.

Wear the right shoes

Runners' feet can take a beating, so it’s important to set off with the right shoes. A proper pair of running trainers will provide support, cushioning, and keep your feet in the right position. Running shoes aren’t one-size-fits-all, though. Consider a consultation at your local running store to assess your stride and specific foot needs to get you in the perfect pair.

Don’t forget socks

While the right shoes are an obvious priority, cushion socks for running can have a surprisingly big impact on your performance and injury prevention! Make sure to choose proper running socks with adequate cushioning to help keep your feet comfortable mile after mile.

Engineering Comfort for Runners

There are clear differences between regular cotton socks and cushion socks. For runners, support is key, as well as a few other features that help prevent blisters and injury.


Low, medium, or maximum cushioned socks will each add padding underneath the ball and heel of the foot, as well as around the back of the achilles and along the side. Cushioning helps absorb the shock of running, which is especially important for long distance runners.

Moisture wicking

The moisture from sweat on your feet is the biggest risk factor for blisters when running, so it's imperative to choose socks made from a technical fabric that can draw moisture away from the skin. They will keep your feet dry and comfortable on training runs or race day.

Seamless socks

Anywhere there is a seam on a sock you run the risk of friction against the skin. Proper running socks are made to be seam free where it matters, such as at the toe, ball of the foot, and heel. Your feet aren’t exposed to uncomfortable rubbing as you run, leaving you free to focus on performance. 

Fitsok for Runners

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