Why Run Specialty is our First Love

Running down a path

You won’t find Fitsok just anywhere. Here’s why we partner with specialty running stores across the country.

If you know Fitsok, you probably know you can’t find us just anywhere. We’re proud to partner with specialty running shops around the country – and not only because those shops are usually locally owned and/or operated. Any store can carry a ton of brands, and the latest running styles and technologies. But the staff at a smaller run specialty shop are usually lifetime runners themselves; they not only know the footwear, apparel, socks and accessories from which you’re choosing – they’ve actually worn them, trained for marathons and ultras in them, and they know what works. They are invested in their business, and care about your experience in their store. In other words? The expertise at a run specialty shop is second to none.

They’re exactly the folks we want recommending our products, because they know exactly how well they work. And we don’t think it’s any coincidence that they choose to carry Fitsok, either; not only are our three-packs the best value on the sock wall – our socks are engineered with a quality backed up by run specialty staff, our ambassadors, and runners of all abilities. So head down to your local run specialty shop. Chances are, you’ll find your friends and neighbors working there, seasoned experts who care about your running experience, and a level of knowledge and customer service that will keep you coming back. And maybe you can check out our socks while you’re there.