• Mekeyah Lashae - Fitsok Ambassador

    Tell us your brief bio/running history: Running became a huge part of my lifestyle when I went to college in 2011. My mom encouraged me to do it as a way to relieve stress and to stay active in a new environment.    What running groups/communities are you involved with? Since recently mov... View Post
  • Fitsok + The Sock Factory

    At Fitsok we take a lot of pride in our story. Born in the running industry, we’ve spent the past 9 years cultivating and building a running sock brand for runners. What makes us tick? Three things in particular: Making great running socks. Designing and producing everything in the USA. Creatin... View Post
  • An All New

    At Fitsok we simply love making socks. We’re always working on new ways to help runners get the best performance out of their workouts and runs. It’s our passion, and we’re working harder than ever to create a 3-pack that goes above and beyond any sock on the market. We’ve heard from runners: Th... View Post