Running Podcasts to Entertain Your Ears, Educate Your Mind and Help the Miles Pass

Running Podcasts to Entertain Your Ears, Educate Your Mind and Help the Miles Pass

The birds are chirping, the brook is babbling and crunch, crunch goes the ground under your feet. Sounds pretty idyllic, right? If only every run could be so fantastic. The truth is, sometimes we want something to listen to, to learn from and to help us zone out. Podcasts are an alternative to music, and here are our top 5 running podcasts:

Ultrarunner Podcast - In just over four years, host Eric Schranz has become a trusted expert voice in the world of (primarily trail) ultrarunning. Schranz and current co-hosts Sarah Lavender Smith and Ethan Veneklasen interview guests that range from industry icons to young up-and-comers. A self-described “media whore,” Schranz also publishes the URP Daily News, a compendium of trail and ultrarunning updates, race results and other applicable news items. The podcast is published regularly (usually weekly), and runs about 45 minutes to 1 hour - the perfect length of time for an easy run or a long work commute. Favorite episodes include Drew Mikita, addiction specialist; Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein, and Jen Benna.

Trail Runner Nation - Co-hosts Don Freeman and Scott Warr used to hang with Eric Schranz on Ultrarunner Podcast, but then decided to do their own thing. What they came up with was Trail Runner Nation, or TRN. Much more than just the podcast, TRN is a virtual community for trail and ultrarunner, with social media connections, gear reviews, and partnerships with industry leaders. There is a bit of crossover among guests on URP and TRN, but Freeman and Warr, often with guest co-hosts Sally McRae, Candice Burt and Faith Goss, bring their own unique perspective and sense of humor to their interviews. Episodes of TRN range from an hour to an hour and a half. Favorite episodes include: “How Bad Do You Want It?” with Matt Fitzgerald, “The Ultra Mindset” with Travis Macy, and “Living in the High Country” with Anton Krupicka.

Running on Om - Founder Julia Hanlon is a yoga teacher, runner, plant-based chef, and seeker of higher meaning. She uses her podcast as a foundation to explore the mind-body connection with wellness pioneers and innovators - everyone from runners to yogis to chefs to surfers to mystics. A thought-provoking departure from all-running-all-the-time podcasts, Hanlon asks questions to get the heart of why we are here and to explore how other mindfulness and spiritual practices inform each other and inform our running. Episodes range from 30 minutes to over an hour. Favorite episodes include: Lauren Fleshman on the Superpower of Authenticity, Micah Risk on Transforming Your Food Footprint, and Karen Fabian on The Reality of Being a Yoga Teacher.

Diz Runs With - Denny Krahe believes that the best conversations take place while you run, and it’s a feeling he captures well with his Diz Runs With podcast. Krahe interviews everyone from elite athletes to local enthusiasts (including our own ambassador Sara Welle!), giving them the space to tell their individual running story. His tagline is “Running, Life and Everything in Between,” and each conversation really does run the gamut. You’ll hear about the guest’s latest races, but you may also hear about what they like to cook for dinner, and what their favorite hockey team is. Most episodes run around 45 minutes. Favorite episodes include: #89 with Sarah Lavender Smith, #20 with Sage Canaday and #182 with Amy Marxkors.

Runners Connect Run to The Top - More for roadies than the previous 3 podcasts, this podcast is hosted by elite athlete Tina Muir. She seeks to share the greatest minds in the sport, from athletes to coaches to race directors, with her listeners. Episodes usually run about 45 minutes to an hour. Favorite episodes: Inside the Mind of Coach to Olympians Dennis Barker, Why You Need to Believe You Are Good Enough with Dr. Stan Beecham, and What is the Secret to a Sub-3 Hour Marathon? with Doug Kurtis.