RX6 Lightweight Tab (Berry) Runner Socks

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The RX6 berry lightweight tab fitness sock is engineered from REPREVE, a fabric that is both environmentally safe and performance-driven. REPREVE is a post-consumer fiber that offers amazing technologies to athletes around the world, including materials that wick moisture from the foot and provide thermal and UV protection. The RX6 berry lightweight tab fitness sock gives you a fun pop of color, but its bright appearance doesn’t take away from all its incredible, practical features, which include a rebound cushion, a lightweight body, and elongated arch support.

- Seamless Toe: Seamless socks are becoming more and more popular because of how comfortable they are, especially for athletes who are on their feet a LOT! Say goodbye to those annoying lumps and bumps in your show when you wear the RX6 berry lightweight tab fitness sock.

- Moisture Management: Moisture-wicking technology is extremely important, especially during blistering hot summer months. These socks have moisture management that will keep you cool (or warm, if it’s cold outside) and dry so that you can work out longer.

- Select Cushion at Points of Impact: Too many people focus on having the right shoes for their workout and don’t think about the way their socks will affect them. Your shoes can only do so much, so add that extra layer of protection with the RX6 berry lightweight tab fitness sock.

- Y-Heel & Y-Toe: You can’t stay focused on your run if you constantly have to stop and readjust your socks. Our Y-heel and Y-toe designs keep your socks in place for as long as you wear them!

- Stay Up Tab Back: The subtle design of our Stay Up Tab Back allows you to feel even more confident about the stay-put ability of your socks, peeking out over the back of your ankle to ensure that your sock does not move.

- Extended 360-Degree Arch Support: Wrapping around the middle of your foot is the extended compression arch support, which provides an even more superior fit and prevents annoying blisters.

- Made in North Carolina

Made of 57% Repreve Nylon, 33% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 3% Spandex

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We make these runderful socks in our family owned sock factory located in the foothills of North Carolina. We bring 3 generations of innovation, quality and passion into every pair.

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