Skully Wool Crew Sock for Runners

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These Limited Edition Skully Wool Running Socks are built with performance features to provide the wearer with superior comfort and fit. Just a few of these features include mesh venting and Flowtek channels, which move moisture and heat away from the wearer's foot even while the Max Arch support keeps the socks snug against the feet.

The Skully Wool Running Socks are constructed from Merino wool. Merino wool is one of the most popular and sought-after materials for socks due to its fantastic moisture-wicking properties. This wool absorbs water and then dries it exceptionally fast, which keeps moisture off your feet more efficiently and effectively than any other sock fiber. Merino wool is especially more efficient than cotton, which absorbs sweat but doesn't move it away from the foot.

Moisture isn't the only thing these Skully Wool Running Socks absorb; they also get rid of foot odor since bacteria that feed on moisture aren't able to live on moisture-less feet. No bacteria = no smelly feet, simple as that!

Arguably, the most important feature of the Skully Wool Running Socks is how lightweight and super-soft they feel against the skin. Merino wool doesn't cause the same itchiness that other wool does, which means that you'll stay surprisingly comfortable through your entire run. Run longer and faster when you run with our wool running socks, featuring a fun design that all of your runner buddies will be jealous of!

If you're ready to take your run to the next level, these socks are for you. Not only do they come with all of the amazing features we mentioned above, but they're also backed by a lifetime guarantee, which means you can say goodbye to your stringy, worn-down, old collection of socks with just the click of a button! Double-check the sock's size chart before ordering to ensure the most perfect fit possible.

Do you need some guidance in the buying process or have any questions about our Skully Wool Running Socks? No problem! Reach out to our customer service team. We've created limited quantities of these socks, so get yours quick!

Made of 58% Merino Wool, 40% Nylon, 2% Lycra.

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We make these runderful socks in our family owned sock factory located in the foothills of North Carolina. We bring 3 generations of innovation, quality and passion into every pair.

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