Merino Wool Athletic Socks

What Makes Merino Wool Socks so Special?

Merino wool is one of the top materials for socks due to its fantastic moisture-wicking properties. Wool is an excellent water absorber that also dries exceptionally fast. Merino wool gets moisture from and off your feet better than any other fiber used in socks, actively soaking it up and releasing it, unlike cotton, which only absorbs it.

Additionally, our Merino wool athletic socks naturally help absorb foot odor, as its art of maintaining moisture keeps bacteria that feeds on that moisture from causing smelly problems.

Last, and for many of us, the most important, Merino wool is an excellent, lightweight, super-soft material that feels wonderful against the skin. Unlike other types of wool socks, there's no itchiness or scratchiness to Merino Wool either.

The Collection

Whether you are a fan of the low-cut, mid-crew, trail cuff, or full crew Merino wool athletic socks, you'll find the best of our wool running socks gathered right here for you. Showcasing our cutting-edge blend of ISW IsolWool®, With 50% polypropylene and 50% wool, this perfect half-and-half combination of Merino and polypropylene enhances the essential mechanical resistance of wool to become ultra-durable and exceptionally comfortable whether worn in hot or cold environments.

Additionally, our wool running socks come with features such as lightweight cushions that prevent disastrous and painful blistering while enabling you to push your run to newer, more prolonged heights in the harshest conditions.

Guaranteed for Life

Are you ready to take your next run and foot comfort to the next level? Our wool running socks are waiting and come with a lifetime guarantee. You could be saying goodbye to that pile of stringy, mismatched socks with just a single click of that order button! Make sure to double-check our easy-to-read sizing chart to ensure the perfect sock fit!

Want to know more about our moisture-wicking, multiple-day use, odor-resistant merino wool athletic socks? Feel free to reach out to our amazing customer service team today. It would be our pleasure to help you #justrunforit.