Running Socks with Light Cushion

Runners need socks that provide as much comfort and protection for their feet as their shoes do. The problem is that you probably won't find those kinds of socks in your local department store! The two brothers behind our brand knew that running socks could be better, and they've worked hard to provide optimum performance socks in packs of multiple pairs so that you have fresh socks every time you need them. Say hello to proper protection and goodbye to washing the same pair of running socks over and over again with our dozens of light cushion fitness socks!

No two runners are built the same, and the gear that each runner uses is going to depend on their specific needs and preferences. That's the reason we offer cushioned socks AND light cushion fitness socks. Cushioned socks will keep your feet warm and well-supported, but our socks with light cushions will still protect the most vulnerable parts of your feet without feeling thick. For that reason, many runners prefer to wear our light cushion fitness socks during the warm summer months.

Choose between the Q5 No-Show socks and the RX6 Lightweight Tab socks, each available in a variety of bold and neutral colors to suit the wearer's preference. The Q5 style is the perfect blend of performance and attitude; engineered with our Parallel Fusion Knit Technology, the sock's vented mesh keeps your foot cool while the light cushion in the forefoot gives you a smooth run. Thanks to the arch support, deep heel, and compression construction that hugs your foot securely and comfortably, you won't have to worry about your socks slipping and sliding no matter how long you run in them. The Q5 No-Show socks are a great choice for any athlete, especially if they enjoy running long distances!

Meanwhile, our RX6 Lightweight Tab socks are built from our post-consumer performance nylon, named Repreve. Engineered with 6 points of technology, the RX6 combines elongated arch support, a rebound cushion, and a lightweight body to ensure that the socks fit you well and protect you from blisters. The RX6 Lightweight Tab socks will keep your feet nice and cool no matter what you do while you wear them, so buy yourself a pair in every color.

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