We Answer 5 Popular Questions About FitSok

Where are FitSoks made?

FitSoks are designed and manufactured to perfection in North Carolina, USA. Every step of the sock-making process, from knitting, sewing, washing, drying, ironing, and packaging, is done in the United States. We’re a hardworking team that’s dedicated to bringing you the best-of-the-best running socks by partnering with running stores all across the nation, made with the utmost care in the USA.

Are FitSoks compression socks?

FitSok designs and produces running socks, which are different from common compression socks. Our running socks are designed to provide a comfortable fit and to wick away moisture. While they fit snugly, they don’t provide the same effects that a very tight compression sock might. Our socks are made and intended to improve the running game of runners everywhere.

Does FitSok offer a warranty?

FitSok offers a lifetime warranty with every pair of socks. With our lifetime warranty on running socks, we are committed to giving you the best quality, best fit, and best performance that you deserve. In every corner of our business, whether it's customer service, concept, design, or our final product of running socks, we put everything into what we do because we have such a strong sense of faith in our product. If your socks do not fit well, develop holes, or are delivered with noticeable and significant flaws, we will replace them. To get your replacement, just snap a picture of the flaw or hole and submit it to our attentive customer service staff at TheTeam@FitSok.com. We’re here to get you up and running again.

Where is FitSok Located?

The FitSok factory is located in North Carolina. Each pair that we produce is made in the USA. These are socks made locally, for runners, by runners. The brothers that started FitSok are dedicated runners that wanted to make the perfect sock for all levels of runners. Every single pair of our socks are made with the highest level of dedication and quality that one would expect from a USA product. Straight from our passionate team in North Carolina to you, make your next pair of running socks one that’s made in the United States.

What material are FitSoks made from?

With our unique expertise, we’ve built running socks that are made with cutting-edge materials that are designed to keep your socks in place and you on the move. Prepare to enjoy a pair of running socks that can outlive anything you've ever worn, will cushion and protect your free, dry quickly, and use patented technologically inventive materials. Choose from IsolWool®, Sorbtek®, Merino wools, and premium blends of polyester, nylon, lycra, and spandex. You’ve never worn a running sock like ours before.