Create Your Own Custom Fitness Socks

List of Fitsok socks

>> Contact us at 828.328.5207 or

>> Art & Sample

• We start with a digital mockup for approval.
• All we need from you is your event logo and we will handle the rest.

>> Specs & Options

• Cushion or Thin available
• Sock and body is available in over 80 colors
• Cuff and arch available for full customization
• Cuff height is available for full customization

>> Packaging

• Single pair is finished with a customized tag
•Tag is 2" x 3.5" and is completely customizable

>> Minimums & Pricing

• 180 pairs that can be split into 2 sizes
• 90 Medium & 90 Large

>> Production

• Production time is 4 - 6 weeks once PO is issued.
• Ship Directly from the Fitsok Fractory location in NC

>> Contact

Contact Fitsok for more info at 877.454.7765 or email our team at
Fitsok socks
fitsok custom socks

There are millions of us, rising early or going out late after work, putting on our favorite running shoes, and either hitting the ground running or heading to the gym for one. Every one of us is a unique body with individual lives and personalities. None of us were made from the same cloth, so it makes sense for us to seek out items that reflect what we love and who we are.

That's why we provide custom fitness socks to our customers worldwide! Not just for you to personalize your favorite running socks, but to allow you to have custom fitness socks for virtually every occasion. Do you own and run a fitness center? Give your customers a long-lasting gift that their feet will love while showcasing your logo or brand.

Running as a group? Jogging for a good cause or a fantastic event? Put a pair of custom fitness socks in front of them that will absolutely adore and easily promote your cause or event.

We start by creating a digital mockup for your approval, then all we need is your event logo or brand image, and we are happy to handle the rest. What sort of options is available when you order custom fitness socks with us?

You can choose:
  • Thin or cushioned
  • Over 80 vivid, brilliant sock colors
  • Cuff and full arch customization
  • Customizable cuff height
  • Single pair option comes with a customizable tag of 2" x 5"
  • Ordering 180 pairs? Easily split them into two different sizes like 90 Medium and 90 Large
  • Production time begins immediately and can take 4 to 6 weeks once PO is issued, then directly ships from our FitSok factory located in NC, USA

When it comes to the best constructed, premium material, scientifically advanced moisture-wicking perfect sock for runners, you've found the right place. We believe in the quality of our athletic socks that we back them with our lifetime guarantee.

Whether you're looking for socks that are 100% uniquely you or pairs of socks that will turn heads and make waves while being worn, FitSok is proud and humbled to be able to meet your needs. Do you need to know more about our custom sock process or have any questions for us? Feel free to reach out and contact us at any time via our live chat, or contact us at 877-454-7765 or email us at