The Best Themed Running Events To Change Things Up

Woman running in Bubble Run Event
If no one ever got bored of doing the same thing repetitively, especially running, no matter how much they love it, there wouldn't be thousands of articles online about how to beat the running blahs. Long runs and marathons are a training staple for many, but despite the benefits, they can get dull for many of us.
Boredom is a natural reaction to things that are too easy, difficult, or repetitive.
If you're finding your podcasts aren't cutting it, your new route blasé, struggle with a playlist that used to work—have you considered spicing it up with a themed running event? If not, you should! Keeping your mind engaged by doing something different might be the thing you need. But what are the most popular themed running events to try and attend?
We've got you!

Why Enter a Themed Running Event?

Aside from the fun, one of the biggest reasons to consider a themed running event is to spark interest and motivation in your running again. But what are some other reasons that you might join a themed event?
  • The ability to raise funds for a charity cause that may be very important and personal to you
  • You'll be joining a run with individuals with similar interests. Running is a sport and hobby that millions participate in. All these people with a similar interest and running level to you, there's a significant social aspect to themed running. Many running events focused around a theme also offer running and training sessions to help participants get ready, or many unofficial groups form, which is a great chance to build new friendships.
  • Once you've officially signed up for a themed event, you'll most likely tell someone about it, and the sign-up can help keep you accountable.

The Most Popular Running Events

The Color Run

The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5K on the planet, was created almost eleven years ago. It's a five-kilometer, untimed event across the United States. Runners are encouraged to wear all white; as they run, they get doused head to toe in a rainbow of colored powder.
Color runners vary in demographics and reasons to run. The Color Run has no winners or official times, so the run caters to everyone—from first-timers to seasoned athletes. The Color Run is about fun, happiness, and living a better life. More than five million has been donated to charity through The Color Run, and it has worked with more than 80 local and national charities since 2012.
After the run, you can also enjoy The Finish Festival, a large after-party with music, dancing, photo ops, activity booths, vendors, and even more massive color throws.

Delightfully Dead

Are you wracking your braaaaiinsss for a fun running theme? Are you a fan of horror? Then a Zombie Run might be perfect for you! Zombie runs are held nationwide and can come in various forms. You can dress up as a zombie and run, for example, or, Zombies might chase you as you run! Sometimes a Zombie run can be a 5k run with the challenge of avoiding impending flesh-eating zombies hidden along the route. Perfect for horror and zombie fans that need a little fright-and-fight inspiration along the way.


Do you adore chocolate? Is there nothing better than reaching for hot cocoa on a cold winter's day? Have you heard about The Hot Chocolate Run? With the tagline of "will run for chocolate," it's a runner's and a sweet lover's dream come true. The Hot Chocolate Run is the official partner of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, helping to end childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Can't make a run in person? They also offer everyone the chance to experience the run with virtual runs that consist of 5k, 10k, and 15k options.
Finishing the race awards you a sweet chocolate finisher mug with delicious chocolate fondue, dippable, and the run's famous hot chocolate.

Feel Super

Do you wish you had the No .20 Action Comics featuring Superman saving Dolores Winters? Are you in love with everything about Storm? Do you live and breathe all things superhero? Check to see if there's a local Super Hero run near you! Sign up to run in a costume of your favorite super! Most superhero races are a chance to embrace and revisit your childhood without judgment from your fellow participants, as they will no doubt be rocking their favorite superhero costume too.

Elementary, my Dear Runner

Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to clue up for a Murder Mystery 5k! Murder Mystery 5ks can feature riddles, dares, or scavenger hunts, and smarts often beat speed. Teams can solve riddles or complete dare challenges and collect clues to solve the murder. Some events hand out maps and locations or even have augmented reality apps to uncover and collect the clues that unravel the mystery.

Bubble Run

Have you ever wanted to roll around or run through a wave of bubbles? With a bubble race, you can! In Bubble runs, you're free to walk, run, dance, or move however you wish through tons of bubbles, and these themed run events can be found nationwide. Enjoy getting showered in fluffy, foamy bubbles. Some run evens deploy bubble canons with different colors for extra delight, and these are also perfect for the whole family!

Themed Races Often Do Better

Suppose you're not a fan of running without knowing why or a goal or purpose; themed events may be your ideal means of embracing and changing a dull run routine. Themed runs bring enjoyment, attract many fellow runners and give you something unique outside of the ordinary to challenge and delight.
We all love to be able to shuck seriousness occasionally, and themed races will let you up the ante of whatever you love to embrace fully. A fun run isn't just great for your health but can help alleviate your mood! If you're ready to connect with friends, family, and workmates and make new connections, we highly recommend you check out your local themed run events!