Do Non-Slip Running Socks Exist? They Sure Do!

Do Non-Slip Running Socks Exist? They Sure Do!

Picture this. You’re out running on a beautiful day, listening to your favorite playlist and getting into the flow. That is until you feel that familiar, dreaded feeling: your sock starts to disappear down into your shoe. While it may seem minor, the discomfort and distraction of socks that slip can really affect your workout and your rhythm. 

But not to worry! The good news is that there is a solution out there. Fitsok has designed and engineered a range of non-slip running socks that are created to prevent exactly that situation. Whether you’re looking for lightweight socks for a casual jog or advanced tech gear for race day, Fitsok will keep you running comfortably.

Why Do Socks Slip Down When You Run?

There is nothing more annoying than a sock that slips down as  you’re trying to get your sweat on. This can be due to a number of reasons, and usually a few combined. Here are some factors that affect how well your socks stay in place when you run:

  • Your socks are too big. If your socks are too big, the elastic won’t be able to keep them firmly in place. 
  • Your socks are too small. If they are too small, they will constantly try to retract down inside your shoe.
  • Your socks are worn out. If your socks are losing their elasticity from being old, over-washed or the wrong fabric, they are more prone to slipping. 
  • Friction. The most common reason for socks that slip down is simply friction. As you run, the repeated impact of your shoes hitting the ground creates movement and a shift in your socks is inevitable. 

Non-slip running socks are designed to account for friction, allowing your workout gear to hold up on even those long, grueling runs.

The Best Running Socks That Actually Stay In Place

Whether you prefer to hit the trails or the treadmill, there’s a high-performance sock for you— that will actually stay in place! Here are some of our faves from Fitsok to suit any athlete:

RX6 Lightweight Tab Running Socks

For steamy hot days or vigorous interval training, the RX6 Lightweight Tab Running Socks will keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. These non-slip running socks feature a Y-heel and a Y-toe to prevent them from bunching up inside your shoe, and the slightly raised Stay-Up Tab makes sure they won’t shrivel down past your ankle.

Made from post-consumer materials like recycled plastic bottles, the fabric has been engineered to wick moisture away from your skin. Feet stay cool, dry and comfortable, your socks won’t need to be readjusted, and you’ll be free to focus on your workout, no matter how vigorous it gets.

NP7 Mid-Weight Tab Socks for Runners

For long runs and workouts when a little extra cushion is key, the NP7 Mid-Weight Tab Socks for Runners will keep your feet comfortable and supported. There’s nothing worse than your socks moving around inside of your shoe, so these socks have 3 separate features to keep them in place: a seamless toe, a Y-heel and Y-toe, and a Stay-Up Tab in the back. 

As well as staying in place, these non-slip running socks are made from a blend of performance polyester and reinforced non-abrasive nylon. This fabric is engineered to provide support while wicking moisture away from the skin. These socks keep your feet supported, cool and dry, allowing you to run faster and longer.

F4 Tech Sock

When race day comes around, nothing but the F4 Tech Sock will do. This performance sock is designed to meet the demands of athletes as they push to run fast, no matter what conditions they face. There’s no time to keep readjusting your socks on race day, so these non-slip running socks have an anatomical left-right foot construction. This allows for a precise fit with light compression that stays put mile after mile, leaving you to stay focused on your performance.

Whether the conditions are hot or rainy, these socks are able to wick sweat and moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable. There is achilles protection on the back of the foot to reduce blistering, and a front tab to protect against friction. When it matters most, these socks will stay dry and stay put.

Make Runs More Comfortable

Whether you’re training, racing or just going for a jog, there’s nothing more annoying than having to stop to fix your socks every few minutes. The right gear is crucial for optimal performance, and having socks that don’t fall down inside your shoe is the key to optimizing your run.

The runners behind Fitsok know exactly why non-slip running socks are one of those gym bag essentials, so has created a line of performance socks that are designed to stay put. With moisture-wicking fabric, technical construction and unique comfort for runners, Fitsok socks are there to support you mile after mile.