Fitsok + The Sock Factory

Fitsok machinery
At Fitsok we take a lot of pride in our story. Born in the running industry, we’ve spent the past 9 years cultivating and building a running sock brand for runners. What makes us tick? Three things in particular:
  1. Making great running socks.
  2. Designing and producing everything in the USA.
  3. Creating a loved brand that partners with running stores.
Knitting machine
Since day 1 Fitsok has always been knitted under one roof in North Carolina, manufactured and cared for by a team that loves making great product. Each pair of socks is touched by 18 sets of hands as they are knitted, seamed, washed, dried, ironed and packaged. Fitsok 3-packs are built with a level of craftsmanship and care unmatched by overseas manufacturers. The team at The Sock Factory has been instrumental in the brand’s growth and innovation, and we’re happy to announce they’ve acquired Fitsok recently. 
Factory with machinary
This means some very good things for our sock brand. Not only is Fitsok going to be made with the care and dedication it always has received, we’re committed to creating even better product. With a new year comes new capabilities and innovation - and we can’t wait to share what’s in store.
Thank you for supporting our brand. See you out on the road, track or trail.
-The Fitsok Team