The 3 Best Socks for Working Out in the Rain

best socks for working out

While there’s nothing better than getting outside for a workout, unpredictable weather can make exercise hard to plan.  The reality is that not every day will be clear and sunny, so being prepared for all weather conditions can keep your workout routine on track.

Of course, you may even find that working out on those drizzly, less appealing days can actually be quite invigorating! If you’re committed to running outside, going for a hike, or heading out on a bike ride no matter what’s in the forecast, then you’re our kind of athlete. We’ve done a deep dive into all the considerations for running in the rain, what to look for in your activewear, and the best socks for working out when it’s wet.

Is It Okay to Work Out in the Rain?

While some may find it uncomfortable, it’s totally fine to work out in the rain. As long as the weather conditions aren’t dangerous and you’re not slipping all over the place, the biggest risk is getting a little soggy. In fact, rain has a cooling effect on the body, so working out in the rain may even help you push through intense workouts without overheating. 

Things to Consider When Working Out in the Rain

Whether you’re planning to jog, hike, or do strength training, here are some factors to keep in mind when planning a rainy workout.

Getting Cold

The rain can be helpful to prevent overheating, but it could also cause you to get too cold. On days with particularly chilly wind or sleet, exercising in the rain could put you at risk of hypothermia. 

During the winter months or particularly cold days, try to wear activewear that keeps you as dry as possible. You may want to consider gloves as well since your extremities will get cold the fastest. But if you’re running in tropical rain, you’ll probably be grateful for the cooling spritz!

Slipping on Roads

Just as you would drive more cautiously in the rain, so too should you take care when working out. Roads and trails can get slippery underfoot—especially if there are rocks on the path—increasing your risk of falling and causing an injury. Make sure to wear grippy footwear, and don’t be afraid to slow down when necessary.

Wet Feet

As well as being extremely uncomfortable and heavy, having wet feet during a workout can make you get cold faster and could increase your risk of blisters. Wet feet can also promote fungal issues in the skin, so make sure to dry them off as soon as possible. Having the right socks is a great way to protect your feet when working out in the rain.

Be Prepared with the Right Gear

Just as you would stock up on water and wear a hat on super hot days, it’s important to equip yourself with the right gear for working out in the rain. Whether you prefer to wear a full rain jacket or a light singlet, here are some qualities to look for to be weather-ready.

Water-Repellent Fabrics

While you don’t necessarily have to work out in a rain poncho, it’s important to pick activewear that will repel water from your body and wick the moisture from your skin. Windbreakers can be a great layering option, and don’t forget a hat to keep the pesky rain out of your eyes.

Quick-Dry Materials

It may seem counterintuitive to wear quick-dry clothing in the rain, but it’s actually very important that your activewear doesn’t hold onto moisture. Choosing gear in fabrics that dry fast, such as running shorts in a technical blend, won’t get weighed down with rain and can even help prevent chafing.


Being wet is one of the fastest ways to become hypothermic, so pick activewear that will keep you warm (and hopefully dry!) enough. Opt for technical fabrics or Merino wool that trap heat and wick moisture, and avoid cotton as it doesn’t dry very easily. This is especially important when it comes to socks—nothing is worse than having freezing feet!

The Best Socks for Working Out in the Rain

When you’re properly prepared, a little rain can’t get you down! And at Fitsok, we’re committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals in every season and weather condition. We’ve spent years designing the best athletic socks for wet weather, and here are four of our best options.

F4 Tech

You can’t control the weather, but these F4 Tech athletic socks can help keep your feet as dry and comfortable as possible. Made with Sorbtek®, this sock channels moisture away from the foot while tabs at the Achilles and toe prevent blistering. An anatomical left-right foot construction allows for a precise fit, meaning your shoes aren’t filled with excess fabric on wet days!

CF2 Crew Gray

On those colder mornings, the CF2 Crew Gray socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Utilizing the high-performance capabilities of Shadow Yarn, the CF2 transports moisture away from the skin and helps maintain a comfortable temperature. And if you’re planning a rainy hike, then the slightly higher cut will be the perfect choice to wear underneath your hiking boots.

ISW Isolwool Mid Calf Crew

If you’re not fazed by the rain and know you’ll be out there for hours, then choosing a sock with antibacterial properties is key. These ISW Isolwool Mid Calf Crew socks are made with a Merino wool blend which naturally fights bacteria to keep your feet fresh, clean, and healthy. Perfect for the trail or long runs, these power-packed socks are designed to perform in both hot and cold weather and during the harshest conditions.

Accelerate Your All-Weather Workouts with Fitsok

The best socks for working out in the rain are ones that can keep your feet as dry and warm as possible. Fitsok socks are specially engineered for athletes and feature high-performance fabrics that can wick moisture away from the skin. The result? A comfortable, blister-free workout in even the wettest condition.

Discover the Fitsok quality for yourself, and don’t let the elements hold you back!