What Are the Best Athletic Socks for Weightlifting?

best athletic socks

If you’re looking to step up your workout game and make the most of your gym sessions, then having the right gear is key. From your clothing to your footwear, technical, high-performance attire can help you reach your fitness goals in style. And when it comes to weightlifting, the best athletic socks are the ones that keep you feeling grounded, supported, and strong.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into gym life, here are our tips on choosing the right athletic socks to help you lift your max.

Do You Need to Wear Shoes While Weightlifting?

At your gym, you may have noticed people wearing an array of footwear when lifting weights. These include specific weightlifting shoes, CrossFit shoes, flat canvas sneakers, socks only, or even bare feet. The common thread between these options is that they don’t have too much cushioning. Excess cushioning, like in shoes made for running, can make it hard to keep your balance and feel the ground during heavy sets.

While it’s not strictly necessary to wear shoes while weightlifting, excess strain may affect your feet as you start to lift heavier weights. In general, it’s best to stick to shoes with a wider toe box that lets your feet spread out as you lift, while providing support and protection in the gym.

And while it may be tempting to go totally barefoot, it can come with some hygiene risks in public areas. If your gym allows you to go without shoes, it’s always best to wear at least athletic socks to provide some protection from undesirable infections. Remember: you’re trying to look like a Greek statue, not dress like one while you train!

What to Look for in the Best Athletic Socks for Weightlifting

If you’ve been using regular cotton socks to hit the treadmill, you may wonder whether you even need specific gym socks when you transition to weights. The short answer is “yes”, and the longer one is “you probably should have been wearing them all along.” The details of your gear matter when it comes to physical performance, and specialized footwear can help improve your performance, safety, and comfort.

The best athletic socks for weightlifting are designed to keep your feet dry, supported, and protected. Here’s what to look for when choosing socks for lifting weights:


While there aren’t any strict height requirements for weightlifting socks, many people prefer to wear slightly taller socks to protect their shins from contact with the barbell. The height that you choose is up to you, but a crew sock is usually a safe bet if you’re just starting to experiment with the best athletic socks for weightlifting. 

Some serious powerlifters opt for knee-high socks and even compression socks, as these provide the most protection during heavier sets.


When lifting weights, your feet play a vital role. For standing lifts, your feet are the sole contact point between you and the ground, so it’s important that they are adequately supported. A good pair of gym socks will provide gentle compression across the arch of the foot and the achilles to help you hold proper form when lifting. This can also help you maintain your mind-body connection and prevent your ankles from rolling in during deadlifts or squats.


While shoes that are too cushioned can interefere with lifting weights, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any cushion at all. In fact, slight cushioning from properly designed athletic socks can increase your comfort while lifting and protect your feet from the hard floor. Look for gentle cushioning around the balls of the feet and heels—areas that will bear the brunt of your weightlifting. 


While you expect to sweat at the gym, it doesn’t mean you have to deal with damp feet. Sweaty feet can be smelly, uncomfortable, and prone to blisters, which is why it’s important that your gym socks are able to move moisture away from your skin.

Regular cotton socks aren’t able to wick sweat or dry quickly, so technical blends of synthetic fabrics such nylon, polyester, and spandex are a better choice. 

Staying Over Your Toes with Fitsok

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