What Are the Best Running Socks for Marathon Runners?

What Are the Best Running Socks for Marathon Runners?

For many runners, competing in a marathon is the ultimate goal. And while 26.2 miles is a long way to run, it’s nothing compared to the hundreds of training miles that you’ll be running in the months leading up to the race.

Marathon training can take a big toll on a runner’s body, so it’s important to kit yourself out with the right gear. Proper athletic gear can help improve performance and protect from injury, starting from the feet up. Socks are an often underestimated piece of a marathon runner’s gear, so we’ve done the research into why you need them and how to choose the best running socks for marathon runners.

Marathon Runners Need Stability

Have you ever had to pause a run to pull your socks back up inside your shoe? Socks that don’t stay in place can be at best uncomfortable, and at worst, a hindrance to your marathon day performance. While it may seem simple, a well-fitted sock is the foundation to a supportive running outfit.

A well-fitted sock is one that stays firmly in place without being too tight or cutting off any blood supply to the feet. It allows your feet to properly fill the shoe without restricting the toes, making sure your running shoes fit as well as possible. A high quality running sock will not have seams that rub, but rather will be specifically developed to support and stabilize your foot. Look for socks that have a left-right fit—this is a sign of advanced athletic design.

Marathon Runners Need Breathability 

As you’re running on race day or in training, there’s no avoiding the inevitable foot sweat. While sweating is normal, having excess moisture surrounding your feet comes with its own set of risks. The sweat is designed to cool you down, but if your feet stay moist, they can actually cause you to overheat. Sweaty feet can also lead to blisters and foot fungus, which can be uncomfortable or even lead to time off training for medical treatment.

Because of this, the best running socks for marathon runners will be breathable. Fabrics that are able to wick moisture away from the surface of your skin will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Advanced performance fabrics such as Sorbtek® are able to channel sweat away from your feet, which is key in keeping your feet dry on long runs.

Marathon Runners Need Cushion

The repetitive motion of running can take its toll on your body over time. Rather than your feet and knees absorbing the impact of every stride, adequate sock cushioning can help to support your run and prevent injury. For long runs such as marathons, cushioning is a key way to soften the impact on your feet, knees and back.

As well as adequate cushioning, compression is a useful feature of running socks that can help improve circulation. Constant pressure across the arch of your feet or calves can help get more oxygen to those tissues, delaying fatigue and muscle soreness.

Fitsok Socks for Marathon Runners

Once you start training in socks specifically engineered for running, you won’t be able to go back. And with a combination of moisture-wicking fabrics, compression for circulation support, and cushioning for foot protection, Fitsock socks are some of the best running socks for marathon runners.

While you may not associate wool with running, our ISW Isolwool No-Show Runner Socks harness the sweat-wicking power of Merino wool to keep your feet dry and comfortable. No matter the season or how far you’re running, this fabric uses mesh venting and Flowtek channels to keep you feeling fresh and ready for peak performance. As well as moisture-wicking, ISW Wool features an incredible amount of arch support, ensuring that your socks have the proper fit and won’t slide around inside your shoe. No more readjusting mid-run!

Treat Yourself to the Best Socks for Marathon Runners

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or are training for your first race, having the right gear is crucial to keep you comfortable, injury-free, and ready for peak performance. Starting from the ground up, proper running socks will help keep your feet dry, protected, and supported. And when it comes to the best running socks for marathon runners, look no further than Fitsok.

Fitsok’s range of specially engineered running socks in technical fabrics makes sure that there’s a perfect pair for any runner. With moisture-wicking technology, a perfect fit, and generous cushioning, Fitsok is a marathon training must-have. Check out our range of running socks for both men and women, and keep your feet happy and healthy for your next run!