What Are the Best Running Socks for Winter?

running socks for winter

The weather may be getting icy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hang up those trainers. While many fair-weather runners may opt out of winter running, the snow and freezing rain don’t have to stop you from putting in the miles. But if you’re planning on running throughout the cold winter months, having the right gear is key.

Alongside thermal activewear, waterproof layers, and high-grip footwear, having proper running socks for winter can help keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself down, but the extra moisture can become a liability for your skin if it’s not properly wicked away. Here are our top tips for choosing the right winter running socks, as well as a few of our favorite options. 

How to Choose Running Socks for Winter

While a well-constructed pair of running socks will do for most warm and temperate seasons, winter requires a little more specialization. You’ll need running socks for winter that are specially designed to manage the challenges of exercising in the cold, and that includes proper engineering and material choices. 


Let’s face it: frozen toes can ruin even the most spectacular winter runs. To keep your feet properly insulated, it’s important to opt for a material that has natural thermoregulation properties like wool. But while wool is great at keeping your feet toasty, 100% wool isn’t particularly durable and can be quite thick. This can be distracting or uncomfortable when running, and the friction may lead to your socks wearing out faster than you’d like.

Instead, opt for a wool-blend like Isolwool®. By combining the natural insulation of wool with the durability, stretch and structure of synthetic fibers, your socks will keep you warm, comfortable, and stand up to the pounding on those long snowy trail runs.

Moisture-Wicking Materials

While you may not associate frigid temperatures with feeling sweaty, you’d be surprised at how much you may actually perspire underneath your winter running gear. Wet skin in the cold is a serious concern, and it can lead to rapid drops in body temperature that can send you home long before you finish your jog. 

To combat this and allow you to keep moving for hours in the cold, it’s important to wear socks that have moisture-wicking properties. Put simply, running socks for winter should be able to move sweat away from your skin, keeping your feet dry and insulated. Wool is the top choice for being naturally moisture-wicking and microbial, so this is another reason to opt for a wool-blend winter running sock.

Sock Height

While having your ankles out may be possible at other times of the year, when it comes to running in the winter it’s important to cover up as much as possible. Especially when running near or sub-zero temperatures, even having a few inches of exposed ankle could drastically impact your ability to stay warm.

When choosing running socks for winter, try to stick to crew-length socks or taller. And if you’re wearing long running tights, make sure that they go over your running socks to maximize their heat-trapping qualities.

Our Favorite Running Socks for Winter

Knowing what to look for in winter running socks is one thing, but finding them is a different story. To streamline your shopping, we’ve gathered three of our favorite running socks for winter to get you on the road.

ISW Isolwool® Trail Cuff

The ISW Isolwool® Trail Cuff from FItsok is a power-packed pair built for the trail and beyond. Crafted with the thermoregulation and moisture-wicking properties of Isolwool®, these versatile socks will keep your feet dry and fresh on even the snowiest routes. A light cushion prevents blistering, allowing you to keep moving in comfort. They’re definitely some of the best all-around winter running socks on the market. 

Pink Love Run Wool Runner Socks

If you’re looking to combine winter comfort with a fun statement, the Fitsok Pink Love Run Wool Runner Socks will keep you warm on the outside and glowing on the inside. Designed with mesh venting and Flowtek channels that move moisture and heat away from the foot, these fun pink socks do more than just look good. Isolwool® keeps your feet warm and dry, while the arch support keeps your socks feeling snug and secure across any rugged winter terrain.

F360 Fashion Crew Petrified Green

For a balanced, comfortable run this winter, our Fitsok F360 Fashion Crew Petrified Green socks are a reliable choice. Constructed with performance Shadow Yarn, they move heat and moisture from areas of high concentration to low, providing you with excellent thermoregulation and sweat-wicking. The cushioned footbed also makes for a comfortable ride, and the nature-inspired design will make you feel at one with the great outdoors this winter.

Fitsok: Perform Your Best in Any Season

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, don’t let winter get in the way of your outdoor lifestyle. There’s no reason for the season to put your performance goals in hibernation, and getting the perfect winter running socks will make sure you keep knocking out the miles even when the snow starts piling up. By choosing socks with heat retention, moisture-wicking properties, and increased coverage, you can set yourself up to stay warm, dry and comfortable no matter what news the weather report brings. 

And when it comes to choosing high-performance running socks for winter, there’s no better choice than Fitsok Fitsok’s range of specialty-engineered socks combine technical fabrics with years’ of running experience to keep you a step ahead of the competition all year round. Try a pair of Fitsoks for yourself this year and find out how to keep the spring in your step all winter.