Willie Tibbetts - Fitsok Ambassador

Willie Tibbetts

What is your running history?

My passion for running refuses to wane, even since the years of my NCAA Division II All American and US Olympic Marathon qualifying days. I've lived in Chicago, St. Paul and now the Denver area and the reason to “Run For It” is simple. It's how I feel free, it's what makes me stronger, and it’s what allows me to connect with others and myself. Chronic injuries attempted to end my running career, and I succumbed what some doctors said: “Find a new hobby as running is no longer for you.” Time passed and I did find other activities, but curiosity got the best of me. I ran a few steps and then ran a few more. Next thing I knew I had another marathon in me, wait not just one but plenty more. The secret of how I continue to keep running is one simple word - believe.

What running groups/communities are you involved with?

Run Lead with Lifetime Fitness Run - Centennial and Denver Boulder Running Company - Littleton (as runner & coach).

What is your favorite running experience?

1995 Chicago Marathon, my first marathon, and the cross country team I coached jump the finish line fences to tell me I qualified for the Olympic marathon trials. - Standing next to Joan Benoit at the starting line for '96 US Olympic Marathon Trials. - Twin Cities Marathon. The enthusiasm and passion that embraces this course from the spectators and fellow runners is a euphoria that leaves a lifelong impression.

What events are you running/racing in 2016? What are your goals?

Master track events for my new age division. Run a marathon above 10,000 feet and return to Twin Cities to grab hold of that euphoria once again.

What do you talk about when you talk about running?

What's next! Making plans with running friends.

What is your favorite Fitsok sock and why?

The CF2! These socks maintain their integrity as I still have socks from over 5 years ago. They do not slip, they feel good with every shoe and it's how I keep MN with me every day.

What are your major running accomplishments (races completed, PRs, awards won)?

NCAA Division II All American (cross country, indoor & outdoor track) 1996 US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier 2010 Minnesota Runner of the Year

If you were a professional baseball player, what would your walk up song be?

Glory Days by  Bruce Springsteen

Do you prefer burritos or burgers?


Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Meg Ryan, but before all her surgery.

What’s the number one race on your bucket list?

Leadville Marathon

What is your favorite distance to race?

Mile & marathon.

Anything else we (and the world) should know about you?

No matter what comes my way, I want to make it a positive finish. Find more Willie on Instagram at @willietibbetts.