Cushioned Athletic Socks

Having the right footwear makes all the difference when it comes to safety and endurance during your runs. Despite what you may have heard, though, your shoes can only do so much–you also need to wear the right socks! Choosing fitness socks over standard socks will give you a big boost in your performance, keep your feet dry, and protect the most vulnerable parts of your feet even on your most difficult runs. Enjoy all these benefits and more when you shop from our line of cushioned athletic socks!

Two brothers, who also happen to be running enthusiasts and third-generation sock-makers, saw the athletic socks currently on the market and knew that they do better. Their cushioned athletic socks, engineered from high-quality, performance-driven fabrics, will blow your mind with how comfortable and effective they are.

Cushioned athletic socks have a lot of great benefits, especially for runners who run long distances. First, cushioned socks do a better job of absorbing high impact than standard socks do, which means that running takes less of a toll on your bones and joints. They also provide arch support and give the foot an even sole, so when you're hiking or running on uneven terrain you'll be able to run longer and feel less pain afterward. Additionally, many cushioned socks offer compression, which aids in relieving achy feet and speeding up your post-workout recovery.

Many runners who live in cold climates appreciate how cushioned socks keep their feet warm without making them sweaty, since the fabric that the socks are made from is moisture-wicking. One of the things that make our socks so great is the way that they regulate temperature–for example, check out our CF2 Cushion socks. The CF2 utilizes the high-performance capabilities of Shadow Yarn to transfer heat and moisture for a dry, comfortable, and thermally balanced run. Get ready to take on new heights and maybe even break old records with the help of our cushioned athletic socks!

Looking for a way to make a pair of unique socks? Check out our customization page to see what we can do for you.